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Cowhide Fashion Trends: What's Hot and Stylish in the World of Cowhide Accessories

Cowhide leather has become popular in 2023 as a new trend for home décor and fashion. Many people are averse to using animal products because there is a lot of misinformation about the leather industry. However, claims of animal cruelty have been put to rest since the leather industry has spoken about its ethical practices and product sourcing. 

This has led to people adopting more cowhide products as fashion accessories, especially for their homes. However, the most trending cowhide product in the market is the cowhide rug.

Homeowners are searching for the best cowhide rugs to decorate their living spaces. These are popular for a few reasons relating to product characteristics and exoticness.

Let's explore the latest cowhide fashion trends, including the hottest and most stylish cowhide accessories. 

Premium Cowhide Rugs – The Hottest Cowhide Product

The leather industry faced a lot of scrutiny from organizations like PETA, which distorted the public perception around cowhide sourcing. People were made to believe that animals were killed solely for leather, which makes no sense because meat is more valuable than cowhide. 

As people realized that cowhide is sourced from regulated tanneries and farms that work alongside the meat industry, many false claims about the leather industry were put to rest. Like all industries, there is no denying that there are bad practices where the animals can be raised in poor conditions. However, this is not the case for all businesses since many vendors source their raw materials from reputable places.

One of the most popular products that have surfaced in the market today is the premium cowhide rug. This product is completely changing how people perceive home décor. Many are upgrading their living spaces with the most authentic products you can find. The resultant effect is a visually appealing home environment where cowhide rugs can truly work their magic.

A Brown Cowhide Rug

Although it is not the only cowhide product, it is the number one accessory in the market. Vendors are quick to source eco-friendly products and sell them to customers at affordable rates, making them an inexpensive luxury. However, affordable prices are only one reason why cowhide rugs are so popular in the modern world.

Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are incredible products not only because of their visual appeal. There is no denying that they look good in a living space, despite them being an unconventional style.

As people have become more accepting of animal products, there has been a surge in cowhide popularity. 

Let’s consider some reasons why cowhide rugs are the number one cowhide product in the market.

1. Durability

Premium cowhide rugs are highly durable products that are resistant to wear and tear. This makes them very popular because they can be used in your home without becoming damaged over time. Homeowners are quick to upgrade their home décor by choosing these products because of their longevity, making them last several decades without any issues.

 A White and Brown Cowhide Rug.

The leather is resilient against liquid spillages and fairly water resistant. If you spill food and liquids on your cowhide rug, you can salvage it by cleaning it quickly and efficiently. Some of the cowhide rugs are hair-on products with cow fur as the exterior. This acts as a protective barrier for the leather interior and prevents it from coming into contact with any contaminants.

The hairless varieties are treated to be resilient against wear and tear. You can use these products heavily over several years without compromising the material in the slightest. Not everyone is aware of these benefits, but those that are are quick to purchase this top-of-the-line cowhide product.

2. Easy Maintenance

Cowhide rugs are very easy to maintain if you are semi-regular with your cleaning. The hair-on varieties are trickier to clean because of the fur, but all you need to do is vacuum and brush them for the most effective results.

Having a rug in your house can be difficult since it can trap dust, dirt, and debris. However, this is not an issue with the hairless cowhide rugs, which are pretty commonly used as home décor. 

The best cowhide rugs are made of high-quality leather and treated to produce the most desirable results. You can maintain their appearance and hygiene by cleaning them semi-regularly and being consistent with your efforts.

When dealing with trickier stains from foods and liquids, you can steam clean your rug and restore its appearance quickly.

3. Hypoallergenic

One of the selling points of cowhide rugs is their hypoallergenic nature. Hairless cowhide rugs naturally repel dust particles, making them suitable for your living spaces. Allergies can be really annoying since allergens can find their way into your materials.

White and Brown Cowhide Rug

Even if you’re dealing with hair-on varieties of cowhide rugs, you can control the cleaning frequency and maintain hygiene in your home. But the hypoallergenic nature of cowhide rugs means that they are perfect for home settings and do not cause any adverse effects on the residents.

4. Visually Breathtaking

No homeowner is going to upgrade their home décor if it doesn’t look nice. Cowhide rugs are perfect for enhancing a home's beauty, making them an excellent cowhide product to choose from.

These accessories are available in many different colors, allowing you to select the best designs for your needs. You can also find different patterns and spottings based on your preferences, creating the vibe of your choosing in your home. 

Premium cowhide rugs can be arranged as centerpieces in a living room. They can also be draped over furniture in a creative way and hung on walls as tapestries. Some homeowners find that specialty cowhide rugs with unique prints can be enhanced with spotlights.

Multi-colored Cowhide Rug.

However, it is up to an individual’s taste how they decide to use their rugs. But there is no doubt that the best cowhide rugs can create a cozy and visually appealing vibe in a home.

Calf Hide Rugs are Trending in 2023

Calf hide rugs are almost as popular as cowhide rugs because they are somewhat similar. However, most of these products are much smaller and unavailable in large sizes, making them somewhat limited.

Calf hide rugs are pretty durable due to the natural oils they contain. This makes them resilient against dust and stains as well as resistant to wear and tear. They can also be used in high-traffic areas of your home and withstand constant stepping without any damage.

They are also excellent products due to their value for money. If you're willing to spend 200 to 300 USD, you can find a product that lasts several decades without any problems. People can justify spending more money if the products are of high quality.

White and Black Calf Hide Rug.

Like cowhide rugs, these accessories are easy to clean. You don't have to rely on professional cleaning and can remove any stains easily from the material. A deep cleaning may be required when dealing with tricky stains, but you can get excellent results by using special detergents and steam cleaners.

Calf hide rugs are available in a bunch of different colors, meaning there is a style for every homeowner. If you’re into the cowhide leather vibe, you will find that these products look good in smaller rooms. Experimenting with different colors and patterns allows individuals to get creative with their home décor and utilize calf hide rugs in the right way.

These products are ranked number two on the list of best cowhide products in the market. Since they are similar to cowhide rugs, it means that people are searching for high-end rugs that can transform their homes. 

Cowhide Duffels are Gaining Popularity

One of the most popular cowhide products is cowhide duffels, which are bags made from cow leather. These accessories are very useful because they are flexible and durable, lasting years without any issues.

People can choose different available styles and colors according to their preferences. Not only are these products water resistant, but they can also withstand high temperatures without any damages. 

The best quality in the market is called grain leather. If you’re searching for the best cowhide duffel, you should try asking for grain leather, which is incredibly resilient.

Cowhide is generally a good product for the reasons listed above and chosen because of it. However, it also makes very style accessories, making it one of the hottest trending materials in recent years. 

Cowhide Gallery Produces the Best Cowhide Rugs in the Market

Cowhide Gallery is an established business that sells a variety of cowhide products, such as premium cowhide rugs, calf hide rugs, and duffels. We source our raw materials from regulated tanneries and ensure all our products are eco-friendly.

Our love and respect for these animals means that we only deal with farmers and tanneries and prioritize ethical practices. It is also our mission to deliver the highest quality products to our customers, and we take constant feedback to improve our processes. Explore our website today to see our products.

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