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Cowhide Symbolism: The Cultural Meanings in Different Societies

Cows are totem animals in some cultures, while seen as a symbol of spirituality in others. Some people also consider cows to be their spirit animal, which guides them towards spiritual development.

Cowhides have been used to create a variety of leather products, like cowhide rugs. Some are used for aesthetics and fashion, while others are regarded as sacred. Authentic cowhide rugs can be used to decorate your home and also have cultural symbolism.

In Hindu traditions, cows are sacred and must not be harmed. However, all animals die, and many cultures show their respect by using cowhides in their homes.

Let’s explore the symbolism between cowhides and its meaning in different cultures and societies.

What is the Symbolism for Cows in Different Cultures?

Cows produce milk and dairy products, which is sustenance for humans. They are also seen as holy animals in different cultures, meaning beef is not consumed. However, animal by-products can still be used as respect and tribute for these creatures.

In Hinduism, cows are treated with special care. They are also seen as goddesses of fertility and material needs that protect humans and enable their survival. So, these animals are often worshipped and seen as symbols of love, joy, fertility, and survival.

Many of these cultures go back thousands of years in history. Egyptian mythology talks about sacred cows grazing in lush green fields, representing hope and survival for humanity.

Cows are often seen as spirit animals. The concept of spirit animals has been around for a long time but has reached mainstream appeal in recent years. Since then, people have noticed that cows may be their spirit animals since they have shown up in various ways in people's lives.

Brown Cowhide Rug

Some people believe that cows act like motherly guides. You may not always like what you hear, but you will feel the love and selfless giving behind the advice. This is because the cow, as a spirit animal, wants what's best for your spiritual development, helping you grow.

If you’re going through a difficult period in your life, you may receive words of wisdom in dreams. If you can interpret these words and apply them as lessons learned in your life, you can start to change your destiny.

Authentic cowhide rugs are often used to make your living space sacred. Collecting different types of cowhide rugs can help you connect more deeply with your ancestors, especially if you believe in the cow’s holiness.

The Celtics associated cows with life-giving properties. They are seen as nurturing and loving mothers that represent the femininity of the universe. Since cows are seen as symbols of divinity in various cultures, it stands to reason that they should be treated with the utmost respect.

Why Buy Cowhide Rugs if Cows Are Sacred?

Many cultures that believe cows to be sacred show love and special care to these animals. However, death is a constant in life, and all living things eventually die. So, the by-products produced by these animals can be used to create holy objects.

People use cowhides to bring more blessings into their houses and lives. This means that when cows die, their resources can be utilized for use as decoration pieces. These decorations are meant to show respect to these wonderful creatures in an act to eternalize them. So, buying authentic cowhide rugs and using them in your home allows you to pay tribute to these sacred animals.

Black and White Cowhide Rug

In the modern world, people gravitate towards cowhides because they are beautiful and aesthetic. Not everyone who uses cowhide rugs considers these animals to be spiritual and holy. However, the ones that do, use it to show their love and affection to these animals and the sacrifices made to nurture humans with milk and dairy.

Different cultures have different beliefs about cows. They also have different ideas of spirituality, which often date back centuries and millennia. So, using animal products this way can be seen as the ultimate tribute to these endearing animals with so much positive and divine symbolism.

Ways to Use Cowhides in Your Home

Cowhides can be used to make cowhide rugs, which are popularly used in homes. In recent years, these rugs have become part of an interior design trend that is picking pace. However, cowhides have been used as home décor for centuries, especially since they are seen as sacred in many cultures.

Cowhide rugs can be layered on a carpet to create a stunning visual in your home. Not only do they look good, but the texture feels amazing on the skin. You can place a coffee table on your cowhide rug to ramp up your home’s aesthetic appeal. It is also possible to use multiple rugs on top of each other to create a contrasting effect. However, the best way to do this is to choose different sizes and blend them accordingly. Your primary carpet may cover your flooring, so your authentic cowhide rug goes on top of it. You can choose an XXL size, which is often 8x8 feet in dimensions. For a double layering effect, you can align a medium-sized cowhide rug on the XXL rug to create a unique effect.

Black and White Cowhide Rug

Some people find that cowhide rugs look best when draped over furniture. You may already have a leather sofa or chair in your living space and want to accentuate the style by draping a cowhide rug over it. However, this must be done perfectly, so it is best to take ideas from various sources and choose a style that you like. Remember that there is an endless number of designs to choose from, so take your time and create a stunning visual effect. This style may be reserved for your living room or simply a room in your house. But you may not want to limit yourself to conventional ideas since there are endless ways to combine your furniture and cowhide rugs.

Finally, cowhide rugs can be attached to walls, almost like a tapestry. This is a bold style that must be done perfectly to create the best effect. You may choose to enhance the designs on your cowhide rug by putting it under a light. Since cowhide rugs exist as premium and specialty materials, you can choose what looks best for your home's setting. Tapestries look best next to your bed, so it is up to you to choose the design that looks best for your needs.

Remember that style is subjective. So, you should always do your research and pick what looks best to you. Asking people for their opinion should not trump yours, especially if it is your house. Cowhide rugs can be tricky to experiment with, but if you follow these general rules of thumb and expand from there, you can create something you like.

Since cows have religious and cultural ties, they can be used as symbols of positivity for your home. So, you can upgrade your home's aesthetics while paying tribute to a spiritual animal by investing in cowhide rugs.

Properties of Cowhide Leather

Culturally, cowhides have been used as decoration pieces and signs of respect for deceased animals. Instead of letting them decay, they are preserved for decades and often converted into leather products, like cowhide rugs. These are used in people's homes as interior designs and sometimes as holy objects.

Cowhide leather is waterproof. This means it does not absorb water, making it suitable for decoration in homes. If you buy authentic cowhide rugs, they are often waterproof, making them perfect for home use.

Cowhide is also durable. If you use premium cowhide rugs in your home, you do not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. They are resilient materials that can withstand general wear and tear without any problems. So, it is a good investment for longevity, offering value for money.

Authentic cowhide rugs are hairy or hairless, depending on what you choose. But they are easy to clean and maintain. This means you do not have to worry about dust and allergens trapped in the materials since they can be regularly vacuumed for amazing results. Cleaning spills or stains from cowhide rugs are also pretty easy if you use vinegar.

Aside from the spiritual and religious perks of using cow-based products like cowhide, the properties make them suitable for decoration pieces in your home.

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