From Rodeo to Runway: The Versatility of Cowhide Accessories

From Rodeo to Runway: The Versatility of Cowhide Accessories

Cowhide accessories are very versatile because they are available in all kinds of colors and patterns. You can also expect to find different types of cowhides, depending on your preference for quality.

The best cowhide products are colored and authentic cowhide rugs. These products are suitable for everyone's tastes since there are tons of options to choose from, and the quality is unparalleled.

Colored cowhide rugs can decorate a living space and take your home décor to the next level. You can also blend these rugs with your furniture and flooring, creating a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Other cowhide accessories include calf hide rugs and cowhide duffels. Both of these products are becoming popular in 2023 and taking the market by storm.

Let’s explore why cowhide products are considered versatile and other reasons for choosing them.

The Versatility of Colored Cowhide Rugs

Colored cowhide rugs are quite versatile because they can be used for a variety of functions. The most common use of cowhide rugs is placing them in living rooms. They can be used as centerpieces to draw everyone’s attention and create a cozy vibe. 

Rugs are mostly used for decoration and comfort. Some people may use authentic cowhide rugs solely for their drawing rooms, where they are not used to sit on. Others may like them in their living rooms so they can sit in front of the television and enjoy the comfort of the rugs.

 Premium Cowhide Rug.

However, colored cowhide rugs can be used differently.

Cowhide rugs are available in different qualities, such as medium, authentic, and specialty. Medium-quality products are fairly cheap, and you can get them for a hundred dollars or less. Authentic rugs can cost up to 400 USD, while specialty rugs may cost up to 800 USD, depending on the print.

However, they can also be used as tapestries. Some people find that hanging cowhide rugs on their walls is an amazing vibe. If you find specialty products, like leopard and polar bear prints, it is no surprise that they would look good on walls. You can also use spotlights in your home to enhance the effect of rugs on walls. Although this is not a style for everyone, it is worth mentioning because there are tons of home décor ideas that incorporate cowhide rugs on walls. 

These rugs can also be draped over furniture to create a different effect in homes. Many people find that cowhide rugs go well with other leather products, such as leather sofas. They can be draped across the back so they are not too prominent but should still be noticeable.

There are hardly any limitations on style, and it is only a matter of creativity. If you think something looks good, there is no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with it.

Art evolves through experimentation. Cowhide rugs are fairly interesting items for home décor and beautify homes through their colors and patterns. When upgrading your home design, it is best to add versatile pieces to your living space since they can be changed according to your whims.

 Multi-colored Cowhide Rug.

If people limit themselves to items with singular functions, they will be stuck with an unchanging home design. Therefore, the versatility of cowhide rugs makes them an excellent cowhide accessory for your needs.

Cowhide Duffels as a Fashion Statement

Cowhide duffels are fairly popular due to the resilience of the material. The durability ensures that people buy these duffel bags only once, and they last a lifetime without any problems.

Cowhide duffel bags can be used to facilitate travel and enhance your style. It is easy to fit several items in a spacious bag and carry it for travel. Also, the cowhide makes it a unique style that looks good, making it a fashion statement. There is something interesting about cowhide that helps it stand out. So, these duffel bags are certainly a versatile option for travelers and those looking to adopt a different style.

An excellent thing about cowhide duffels is that they are available as eco-friendly products. There is a lot of misinformation about the leather industry having poor ethical practices relating to animal cruelty and environmental waste. However, the best businesses source their materials from regulated tanneries and only sell eco-friendly products in alignment with consumer demand.

 A Black and White Cowhide Rug

As the world becomes environmentally aware, people start opting for greener solutions. This has prompted the leather industry to improve its practices and slowly weed out any harmful manufacturing processes. Cowhide duffels undergo tanning and dyeing processes as part of their manufacture. However, manufacturers need to pay close attention to these processes since they can result in harmful toxins that are often found in some types of leather. 

Dioxins and phthalates are carcinogenic compounds that arise from leather manufacturing processes. Any products containing these compounds should be avoided since they are very harmful to humans, animals, and the environment.

Like authentic cowhide rugs, duffels are crafted using the highest quality cowhides available. The best businesses create all kinds of duffel bags for various activities. Some people prefer minimalist backpacks, while others are looking for spacious ones that can carry a bunch of items.

Brown and White Cowhide Rug.

Duffel bags are versatile because they can be used for different functions. They are also fashion statements for many people who enjoy using animal products. As the stigma around cowhide products disappears, people are more likely to buy them.

Calf Hide Rugs for Home Décor

Calf hide rugs are almost as popular as cowhide rugs. They have many of the same properties, making them suitable as home accessories. However, their style is not limited to rugs on the floor, and they can be incorporated as tapestries on the wall. 

You can expect to find hair-on and hairless varieties on the Internet. Choosing the best one is a matter of personal preference since some people enjoy the comfort of furry rugs while others may like the texture of hairless varieties.

 A Brown Cowhide Rug

If you can blend these rugs with furniture, you can create a specific look in your home. The versatility of calf hide rugs means that you can find all sorts of ideas to experiment with. If you cannot think of other uses for these rugs, you can take inspiration from websites like Pinterest.


Calf hide rugs are available in different colors. The most common ones you can find are shades and spottings of white, black, and brown. Their versatility makes them the perfect options for furniture draping, tapestries, and floor rugs.

Why Invest in Cowhide Accessories?

Cowhide accessories are gaining popularity in recent years due to the increasing awareness of ethical practices in the leather industry. This means that the style was always well-received, and the only hindrance was related to concerns about animal cruelty and environmental factors. 

There is no doubt that products like authentic cowhide rugs are seeing an increase in sales. Their physical properties make them the perfect option for homes and personal styles. 

Some of the qualities of cowhide products that separate them from others include durability, ease of maintenance, hypoallergenic nature, versatility, and appearance. No one is ever going to buy a product if it doesn’t look good as fashion or home décor, no matter how resilient it is.

Although cowhide products are sometimes an acquired taste, people are warming up to the idea of owning wallets, shoes, rugs, and bags. Unsurprisingly, however, many people are still averse to animal products because they feel it is unnecessary.

If you're looking to take your style to the next level, you can buy cowhide jackets and duffel bags. For home décor, there is nothing better, more resilient, and more versatile than calf hide and cowhide rugs. People are enthralled by the different colors and patterns, allowing them to choose from a wide selection of items. Cowhide wallets are durable and attractive, making them a handsome accessory to have.

As the leather industry continues to improve its raw material sourcing and align itself with ethical practices, it will see a higher growth rate over time. People are still new to the concept of cowhide accessories as fashion statements and interior design, so there is a need for awareness. But the future is optimistic, and new cowhide accessories are expected to grace the market and help the industry evolve beyond its current scope.

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