A Brown and White Cowhide Rug

How to Incorporate Cowhide Rugs Into Your Home Decor Like a Pro

Decorating your home with cowhide rugs makes it possible to beautify your home’s setting. Premium and authentic cowhide rugs are the perfect accessories for your living spaces, especially if you’re looking for aesthetic appeal and comfort. 

Most people think that using cowhide rugs on their floors is the only way to utilize these products. However, there are other creative solutions that allow you to upgrade your home décor and invite compliments from friends and family. 

The leather industry has evolved past many archaic practices and produces more eco-friendly products than ever before. Some types of leather are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment, making it necessary to pick the best products. 

However, some reputed retailers prioritize sourcing cowhides ethically and creating eco-friendly products using the right manufacturing processes. One such method is called the vegetable tan, which is less commercial than the chrome method but also less harmful.

Home décor is a complex topic. It boils down to personal preference and how you want to decorate your home. There is no right or wrong, so it is best to experiment with what works and not be afraid to change it.

White and Brown Cowhide Rug.

Let’s explore ways to utilize cowhide rugs in your home.

1. Use them as Rugs on the Floor

This is the most common way to decorate your home with cowhide rugs. Cowhide rugs are available in hair-on and hairless varieties and can be used solely as decoration pieces or as rugs to sit on.

Homeowners with large living spaces will find that they can utilize several cowhide rugs as centerpieces if they desire. This is achievable by layering them on top of each other. A large rug is typically placed as the centerpiece, and smaller rugs are placed over it. The layering effect this produces is certainly unique and can amplify home décor.

Brazilian hair-on rugs are known for their comfort. This means you can use them regularly and not just treat them as decoration objects. Although the same is true for hairless rugs, they are less comfortable than their counterparts and more suited for decoration. If they are the centerpiece in your living room, you may place a coffee table on top for the best effect. 

Colored cowhide rugs are preferred by homeowners looking to try something new and brighten their living space. These are typically available in three main colors: white, black, and brown. But there are multiple shades of these colors, providing a variety of options for homeowners. 

Blending different colored rugs with flooring is necessary to create the perfect effect. With wooden flooring, it makes sense to use shades of brown since they contrast optimally with your floor. Dark wooden floors may require light-brown rugs, while lighter floors demand darker shades.

Experimenting with what works allows you to create an optimal vibe in your home. Visualization is even more important because it influences your decision to buy the right products.

If you are not knowledgeable about home décor, it makes sense to take your time and do your research. Visualizing what would look best in your living space helps you make informed decisions regarding the perfect accessory for your home.

2. Hang them on Walls

If you’re looking for unconventional ways to use cowhide rugs in your home, you can hang them on walls. Your best bet is to purchase a hairless rug for this type of decoration since furry rugs may look slightly odd on walls.

White and Black Cowhide Rug

Premium and authentic cowhide rugs have a unique appeal that makes them excellent options for home décor. However, home décor can also mean using these rugs as tapestries on walls. 

Many people find that specialty prints look best on walls. You can find all sorts of designs, such as polar bear, leopard, or zebra prints. These are quite unique and can create a special effect if you hang them in your bedroom or hallway.

For an idea of what looks good, you can find options online. But it is not too hard to choose a fine print that looks good on some walls in your home.

Some people use spotlights to enhance the effect of cowhide rugs on walls. This is a veteran move that can accentuate your cowhide rug’s appeal and bring more attention to it. 

3. Drape Them Over Furniture

Cowhide rugs can be draped over your furniture for a rustic effect. This also makes them available for a cozy session with your family in your living room. 

Another way to utilize these rugs is to place them under furniture. If you’ve got sofas or tables, consider placing a small rug underneath them. This can enhance the look of your entire room if you step back and appreciate it.

Some people enjoy a minimalist approach to using cowhide rugs. Others don’t mind going a bit overboard since that can also look good.

An important tip for improving your home décor is to blend your cowhide rugs with similar products or furniture. This allows the patterns and designs to complement one another and add more dimension to your living space. 

If you’ve got a large dining table, you can place an XL-sized cowhide rug underneath it. This will create a homely feeling where everyone can get together and enjoy a nice meal. The psychological effect of a beautiful home setting cannot be underestimated and has been proven to improve people’s moods.

4. Choose the Perfect Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs are typically available as average, premium, and specialty products. Average cowhide rugs do not have the same quality as premium rugs since less skill is required to manufacture them. They may lack some finishing or come from lower-quality cowhides, making them a more budget-friendly product than others. However, this does not mean they cannot look good in a home.

Premium and authentic cowhide rugs are much more popular because they are an affordable luxury. These rugs are available for 100 to 300 USD, and their quality is obvious from a distance. Incorporating these rugs in your home is the best choice you can make since it will accentuate the overall look of your living space. They are also more comfortable than other varieties, making them perfect to sit on.

Specialty prints are for people with unique tastes. Some people may not find these products appealing because it is clear that they have been artificially dyed. Others love how they look and use them on walls and floors for an interesting effect.

Choosing the perfect cowhide rug can be challenging if you don’t know what you want. However, if you’ve already decided what colors you like and whether you want to use these products on floors, walls, or over furniture, you will find the best products.

Some communication may be required with a business's staff member to convey your needs. Competent businesses will help you find the perfect product after listening to your requirements. They will recommend several rugs that match your criteria, allowing you to choose what looks best.

 A Tri-Color Cowhide Rug

Are Cowhide Rugs Trending in 2023?

Cowhide products have faced a lot of scrutiny over the years. This was due to claims from organizations like PETA, which accused the leather industry of being cruel to animals. There are also criticisms about using harmful types of leather that damage the environment and can even cause cancer in humans. 

The truth is that the leather industry does not engage in any acts of animal cruelty. It sources most of its cowhides from regulated tanneries and reaches out to farmers who work alongside the meat industry. Cattle are raised specifically for their meat and dairy products. Cowhide is simply a by-product that is typically discarded by the meat industry since there is no real use for it.

Businesses source these cowhides after the animals have been slaughtered, so claims about animal cruelty are false. The meat industry prioritizes ethical practices to slaughter cattle for their meat, and there is no cruelty involved.

The environmental concerns are legitimate, and the leather industry has made an effort to change many of its practices. The production of many cowhide products involves a tanning process called the chrome method. It is pretty harmful to the environment and is slowly being removed as a commercial process. Instead, businesses and manufacturers are utilizing the vegetable tan method that utilizes bark and tannic acid to produce high-end products like cowhide rugs.

Premium and authentic cowhide rugs are trending in 2023 because a lot of negative stigmas have been removed by dedicated businesses and retailers. The best companies have prioritized the production of eco-friendly products so that cowhide products do not harm the environment. This transition has led to renewed interest in cowhide rugs, and an increasing number of people are purchasing these products.

Premium Cowhide Rug

Not only do these rugs have positive properties that make them excellent accessories for home décor, but they are also visually breathtaking.

Consumers are becoming environmentally conscious, and many corporations are pivoting towards a greener approach. The leather industry is no different and has made foundational changes to make many of its products safe for everyone. 

Positive Properties of Cowhide Rugs for Home Décor

Cowhide rugs have a range of properties that make them perfect for home décor. We have already spoken about their visual appeal, so let’s get into other properties that make them an excellent accessory for your home.

1. Resistant to Wear and Tear

Cowhide rugs are durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. This means homeowners can utilize them in any area of their home without worrying about the rugs’ quality diminishing over time.

With conventional rugs, you need to take extra care to ensure the material does not wither away. However, cowhides are resilient raw materials that are utilized to make sturdy products that last several decades without any issues.

Homeowners can place these rugs in their hallways or in high-traffic zones to enhance the effect and retain the product quality over several years.

2. Easy to Clean

Hairless cowhide rugs are simple to clean because they have a smooth exterior. It is possible to use a vacuum cleaner for one or two minutes to remove all traces of dirt from the material. This means there is hardly any effort involved in maintaining your rugs.

In case you stain the material with food or liquids, you can use a sponge and detergent to wipe it off. Although cowhide rugs are fairly water resistant, homeowners are advised not to use too much water during the cleaning process. If you let water soak into the material, it can get damaged over time.

Hair-on cowhide rugs require a bit more maintenance due to the layer of fur on the surface. But you can still get excellent results by vacuuming or using a carpet brush to remove dust particles and allergens from the surface.

For deep cleaning, it is best to use a steam cleaner or hire a professional for the job. Professional rug cleaners can remove the deeper layers of dust from the material, which may be required every two to three years. 

3. Hypoallergenic

Cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic in nature. This means they naturally repel dust and maintain a healthy environment in your home. If you suffer from allergies and asthma, cowhide rugs are much superior to conventional options since they keep dust away. 

Cowhide Gallery Produces Eco-Friendly Cowhide Rugs for All

Cowhide Gallery produces some of the finest cowhide rugs in the market. We source our cowhides from regulated tanneries and prioritize eco-friendly practices to produce high-end products for our customers.

Our cowhide rugs are available in various prints and designs for homeowners looking to take their home décor to the next level.

We also sell calf hide rugs and cowhide duffels as part of our cowhide product collection.

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