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Brindle Edge Cowhide Rug

Brindle Edge Cowhide Rug

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This brindle edge rug is a must-have for your commercial or residential space. The brindle pattern with a tinge of white adds a natural feel to this rug. The vibrant color and unique pattern will immediately catch anyone’s attention.

If you’re looking to revamp your floor to enliven your living space, this bestseller cowhide rug checks off all the boxes: soft texture, versatile design, aesthetic appeal and durability.

Follow a simple shake and vacuum routine to keep the quality intact. Our brindle edge cowhide rug is odor-free and stain-resistance, thus, providing optimal comfort.

Available in medium, large and XL sizes.

Looking for a statement rug to create a focal point in your building’s interiors? Check out the brindle edge cowhide rug at the Texas Cowhide Gallery. This brindle-edge cowhide rug packs texture, style, color, and unrestrained modernity. Crafted by professional rug experts, our rugs are eco-friendly, stain-resistant, and long-lasting. Apart from being durable, this brindle-edge cowhide rug can introduce unparalleled rustic appeal to your living spaces and create a cohesive space that sparks joy.

So what are you waiting for? Splurge on this ultra-soft and unique cowhide rug today and elevate your interiors. Reach out to us to learn more about our cowhide products.

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