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Crossbody Cowhide Bucket Purse

Crossbody Cowhide Bucket Purse

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Here’s a neutral-toned crossbody bucket purse made from 100% original cowhide that we source all the way from Brazil. At Cowhide Gallery, we use cruelty-free methods to procure Brazilian cowhides and perform all the necessary processes to ensure the products are safe to use. Our cowhide is hypoallergenic and allergen-free, and so are all the products made from it.

This crossbody cowhide bucket purse can accommodate all your everyday essentials, from makeup, stationery, book, keys, wallets and more. Since cowhide is durable, this bag will last you a lifetime. What’s more? It goes with almost everything – from a hippie look to a sundress and casual white tee with blue jeans.

The interior lining is made from equally durable and quality fabric to prevent breaking. This bag can withstand the test of time and will surely be your favourite long-term fashion investment.

We have used all-leather accents to create a shoulder strap that features a 22-inch drop. The straps are detachable. The hardware is made of antique brass, whereas the entire purse measures 16inx12inx6.5in. The button feature magnetic brass-toned snaps for easy closing.

Elevate your wardrobe by adding this unique bag to your bag collection. Buy this bucket purse today!

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