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Crossbody Cowhide Bucket Purse

Crossbody Cowhide Bucket Purse

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A one-of-a-kind bucket purse that will elevate your outfit for the day as well as your wardrobe in general. This crossbody cowhide bucket purse comes without fringes, and its monochromatic look makes it a perfect accessory that goes will all types of styles and outfits.

Its bottom, front and back are made from true Brazilian cowhide. The black shoulder strap is all leather accented, whereas its hardware boasts antique brass tones to make a unique fashion statement. The shoulder strap is 22 inches wide to prevent any stress while you carry this purse for longer hours.

The insides of our crossbody cowhide bucket purse are made from top-notch fabric. On top of that, it features a brass-toned zipper which complements the monochromatic look. This bag is roomy enough to accommodate your book, makeup essentials and other stuff, whereas the two convenient pouch pockets are where you keep the change, keys and other small items so you don’t lose them. The two brass-toned snaps are magnetic to ensure convenient closing.

The purse measures 16inx12inx6.5in. Our cowhide crossbody bucket purse is a true testament to durability, style and aesthetics! Explore our color options or place an order for this unique piece now.

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