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Full-Speckled Cowhide Rug

Full-Speckled Cowhide Rug

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This tricolor full-speckled rug has eye-catching and attention-grabbing patterns. A perfect centerpiece for your compact living room. Our full-speckled cowhide rug is stain-resistant and durable,beautifying your minimal interior décor.

Make more with less using our minimal but glorious cowhide statement piece. You can accessorize your hotel, restaurant, office or entryway of your home with this genuine cowhide rug to steal the show.

We offer this centerpiece in medium, large and XL sizes, but if you have questions, you can always reach out to our team. We are happy to help!

Searching for high-quality rugs to add a focal point to your living space? Check out our speckled cowhide rug at the Texas Cowhide Gallery today.

Our multi-hued rug can become a striking focal point in your living space or even an accent piece to elevate your room design. This speckled cowhide rug was crafted by our most experienced rug experts and is made from high-quality materials, which makes it resilient, easy to clean, and long-lasting. This stain-resistant and durable beauty will add a touch of vintage tranquility where ever is added. You can accessorize your home office, restaurant entrance, hotel lobby, or living room with this statement piece and bring that space to life.

Available in medium, large, and XL sizes! Visit our online store now to place your orders.

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